About Us

Before The Organic Recycler was officially formed, we started by transforming our backyard into an organic production zone for our own flower gardens and planting beds. By using our experience and understanding of the decomposition process, we were able to develop a specialized, well-blended nutrient rich compost. Our product was better than what was for sale at local nurseries. We wanted to share our great product with others, but needed more room and a larger waste source to compost. It took over a year to find clean organic waste suppliers and an easily accessible site in southeast Fort Worth. The dream to supply the local neighborhood has blossomed into a vibrant business.

We currently deliver mulch, compost, and soil all over DFW. Our organic products are used by so many landscapers, businesses, and home owners. We are excited to share our products with you.

  • We appreciate your services, and the great customer service that you have provided us with! We are proud to say that we were among your first customers. WE WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK AND HOPE TO WORK WITH YOU FOR YEARS TO COME!!!
    Tammy Blackburn
    Smith Lawn and Tree