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All mulches are available in bulk and sold by the cubic yard.

They can also be purchased in 2 cubic feet and 3 cubic feet bags.

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Colored Mulch Black

Organically dyed black mulch ensures that toxins are not leaking into your environment.

Colored Mulch Brown

Organically dyed brown mulch ensures that toxins are not leaking into your environment.

Colored Mulch Red

Organically dyed red mulch ensures that toxins are not leaking into your environment.

Kiddie Cushion

Kiddie Cushion mulch is engineered to create a safe padding great for children’s play areas.

Pine Bark Mulch

Pine Bark Mulch provides moisture retention and weed prevention. As the mulch breaks down, it provides good organic content to your soil.

Hardwood Native Mulch

Hardwood Native Mulch is made from a whole tree ground mulch. It provides good protection from weed germination.

Finely Shredded Native Mulch

This finely shredded native mulch is made from locally sourced trees. This mulch is longer lasting and great for areas with erosion.

Cedar Mulch

Cedar mulch has a great look while also providing the benefit of repelling insects, preventing water runoff, and having a pleasant smell.

Bulk Composts & Soils

A variety of soil blends are available to meet your project’s needs and budget. Soils are sold by the cubic yard and 1 cubic foot bags.

All-Purpose Planting Mix

Potting soil is a great organic product that promotes water drainage and good nutrients for your potted plants.

Clay Breaker

Clay breaker is an organic product that will improve your soil structure.


Compost will greatly enrich the moisture in your soil structure and create nutrient rich soil in your garden.

Premium Compost

Premium Compost is a high quality soil conditioner to improve your soil structure and provide important nutrients to your plants.

Cushion Sand

Cushion sand is a native, general-purpose sand that is commonly used as a base for concrete work, laying pipes, leveling or building up areas to bring them up to grade. Cushion sand is a combination of clay and silt particles and packs very well compared to washed sands.  Because the sand is dug deep, it does not typically contain weed seeds and can be used as a great amendment when blended with compost and other organic materials.

Landscaper's Mix

Landscaper’s Mix is an all-purpose soil that helps with all areas: aesthetics, water retention, and weed prevention.

Sandy Loam

Sandy Loam is an organic soil mix useful for an area with needed good water drainage.

Organic Topsoil

Organic Topsoil promotes water drainage and good nutrients for your outdoor plants.


Aggregates are sold by the cubic yard.

Decomposed Granite 3/8"

Decomposed Granite is loose rock that has great drainage.

Egg Rock 2"

A smooth rounded river rock ranging from 1-2” in length offering deep rust, blue-grey, brown and tan coloring to landscapes.

Expanded Shale

Expanded Shale is a great product for water retention without breaking down.

Flexbase 1.5"

Manufactured by crushing recycled concrete to 1.5” minus sizing. An excellent option for stabilizing parking areas, driveways, and walkway areas, but can also be used to build up and stabilize sub-surfaces.

Limestone 1"

Crushed limestone, also known as #57 limestone, is a chalky white rock. Limestone is crushed to a variety of sizes, but the 1-1.5” is most commonly used in landscaping.

Brazos River Rock 1-3"

An irregular shaped cobble consisting mostly of cream, tan, and brown colors that blends well with a variety of common landscape design elements in North Texas.

Native River Rock 1-2"

An asymmetrical shaped smaller sized cobble with less brown colors. Consistent sizing and neutral colors make it an excellent option. 

Rainbow River Rock 1"-2"

A smooth rounded river rock with vibrant color. Harvested from Colorado and Arizona, it offers a variety of deep pink, blue-grey, cream, and red colors to the landscape.

Rainbow River Rock 2"-4"

A smooth rounded river rock with vibrant color. Harvested from Colorado and Arizona, it offers a variety of deep pink, blue-grey, cream, and red colors to the landscape.

Washed River Rock 1"

Also known as 1” Pea Gravel, Washed River Rock is dug from the earth and then sent through a “washing plant,” which washes away the dirt, sand and silt to produce a clean smooth rounded gravel. Although the rocks have been washed, they often still have a dusty look, but will clean up easily by rinsing with water to bring out the various colors. 

Tejas Black 5/8"

Also known as “Blackstar Gravel”, Tejas Black is actually a Basalt Rock, which is a hard dark stone that forms from cooled magma. It is harvested in Texas from the Chisos Mountains to the Rio Grande and provides a beautiful accent to landscapes.  The material has a dark grey look when dry, but when wet it appears black.

Concrete Sand

Also known as “washed sand,” Concrete Sand is another by-product of materials manufactured at aggregate washing plants. Soil and rocks are dug from the earth and then washed to separate the various particles sizes to provide washed gravels and sands.  Concrete sand is commonly used in concrete work but is also used in various landscaping mixes as it provides additional drainage when blended with compost, soil and mulches.  It is also ideal for use on ice to help prevent slipping during winter storms. 

Mason Sand

Another by-product of an aggregate washing plant with a much finer particle size. This material is commonly use in mortar work for stone masons, but it is also great for topdressing hybrid grasses because of its fine texture allowing it to be worked into the root zone. 

Utility Rock 1"

Recycled concrete crushed to 1” size rocks. A very economical product for use on drain lines or for filling in uneven areas before finishing.