Buy Better Mulch

We are known for manufacturing the highest quality product. Come out to visit our site and see the material and talk to one of our specialists. All products are sold in bag and bulk (cubic yard). Our team can organize next day delivery or load your truck/trailer at our yard.

Hardwood Mulch

Hardwood Mulch is derived from native trees. The mulch has a nice dark brown color, which is a well-known sign the product is ready for application within your yard or garden. Our mulch is ground once, allowed to cure, then screened, and ground a second time. The product is a desirable blend of small fine nutrient rich particles and wood mulch.

Colored Mulch

We offer colored mulch in three colors: coffee brown, black, and red. In addition to having the same natural benefits of hardwood organic mulch, colored mulch adds a vibrant eye-catching color that lasts year round. The coloring process adds a water base colorant that soaks into the wood mulch.


Tilling our organic compost back into your native soil will revitalize the bedding and give a healthy start to your plants. Organic compost is created from the decomposition of trees, bushes, and grasses. We strive to maintain a 30:1 carbon to nitrogen ratio and a 55% moisture content. This ratio provides the ideal balance for maximum decomposition while killing all weed seeds and bad bacteria.

Compost Soil Blend

For new planting beds or potted plants we recommend our compost soil blend. This is a 60/40 ratio of native top soil and compost. The compost is too rich in nutrients to place plants directly in the product. By blending the media we are able to produce a well-balanced soil for root growth, water storage, and vital plant nutrients.