Trees, brush, and grasses can be recycled at our facilities. This material is ground into chips and then blended with other high nitrogen sources to develop premium composts.

Tree & Brush Recycling

The final mulch and compost products created at our yards starts out as a waste diverted from landfills. The waste is a byproduct from trimming trees at residential and commercial sites or from land clearing activities. All of our sites are regulated by Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and follow strict standards for recycling.


Food Waste Recycling

Grocery stores and other food manufactures have food scraps and leftovers that cannot go to food banks or other beneficial uses. We accept that waste, blend it with mulch, and turn it into premium compost. The food is recycled through a windrow composting method and tracked daily to verify proper temperature and moisture is maintained during the decomposition. This ensures that potential pathogens and other harmful bacteria are killed and the compost can be safely used.

We have partnered with Waste Management, Organix, and other major haulers to divert waste from landfills. We look forward to growing this program to save the environment.

We currently deliver mulch, compost, and soil all over DFW. Our organic products are used by so many landscapers, businesses, and home owners. We are excited to share our products with you.

Liquids & Plastic Recycling

We accept liquids in cans, plastic bottles, and bulk tanker trucks for recycling. We crush the bottles and pump the liquid onto our composting rows. The liquid is full of nutrients and reduces our demand on water. The plastic is bailed and sent to recycling plants. This waste was previously landfill bound. Instead it is 100% recycled.